Willisville Force Main Extension

Willisville Force Main Extension

Bushong Contracting was contracted by Loudoun Water to install a sanitary sewer force main.  The project required branching off of an existing main with a smaller trunk line in order to install/connect 3 grinder pump systems for residential homes in Upperville VA. The 1.5 inch low pressure force main was approximately 800 feet long.  Each service line connecting the grinder pumps were 1.25 inch, and extended out 100ft to each grinder pump. The houses were actively using a septic and pump tank that went to a peat moss system.  Included are some pictures of us taking out the peat moss cells if you have seen one before.

Once the lines were installed and the pumps tested, the residential homes were transferred over to the new system.  As a result we were able to dismantle the old system by breaking up the tanks and burying them while the peat cells were required by the health department to go to the landfill.  Finally everything was removed allowing for general restoration and clean up. There are not a lot of pictures of the tanks going in, but to give you some perspective they were just over 8 feet tall. Given their size and function, the tanks required us to anchor them with almost 2 cubic yards of concrete.  Enjoy the Pictures.

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